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Simply….this place is designed to help either an individual who is seriously considering their future career OR someone within a business who is tasked with trying to find key individuals as they build for the future and wishes to minimise setbacks through failed placements or non-starters.

so…What’s Inside!

No JOB adverts…also nowhere to upload a CV……….Oh, and we don’t use clever phraseology or the latest buzzwords to entice you to register, download something or join a mailing club.

Why Do Some Careers Fly….and others don’t

Has anyone actually ever discussed career
positioning with you. 5yrs +, 10yrs +
NO…might it be time to do that?
Take a few minutes – There might be a few ideas
inside ……

We ONLY Want The RIGHT People….……the ones that stay….

H’mmmm – we thought about that.
Firstly we focused on why placements fail.
Then how to find the right people that really fit well.
That gave us the rules to build on.
Then we opened for business.

THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO LOOK A Recruitment Firm THAT Does Not Advertise Jobs

  • How to position your career
  • Advert vs Agency vs Referral
  • How to plan for an interview process
  • How to plan for a resignation

+ More ………….a place that should make you think!


30yrs experience in top quartile
Financial Advice Recruitment


A process that is discussed,
agreed and actioned with each
person NOT lots of Coffees
to go to or CV’s to read through!


since incorporation

WHY US Comment From Max HR Consulting Ltd’s – Founder

“The first eleven years of my working life were in Retail where I was taught that customer service was everything. Irrespective of whether you are from a company looking to find the right person or are an individual wanting career advice – you will get the respect, time, effort and the best advice I can give”.

Guy Maxwell
Director & Founder

guy maxwell

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