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IN TUNE WITH OUR CLIENT’S THOUGHTS….. One Of Our Long-Standing Clients Once Said…….

“I always try to recruit the best that we can afford but with two things in mind. Firstly, to understand exactly how they are used to being supported and secondly, to make sure they will fit into the team.”

He also said…..

“I hate paying recruitment fees and will only work with recruitment firms that I feel are working in my interest to make sure a placement is both successful and long-term and not just to make it through their fee guarantee period”.

This client relationship lasted for fifteen years. The firm that he part-owned grew from himself with two support staff to thirteen financial advisers of which we placed nine with him. Over the years we developed a system between us that allowed both parties (Firm and Candidate) to fully understand one another and agree how to work with one another BEFORE any offer was made.

Is the process at MAX HR Consulting Ltd really different……..It All Sounds Very Simple…

…well It usually has a familiar format – 1 to 3 Meetings (sometimes more)…..
……it’s what happens before and in between them that counts!!!!



Leading up to the first meeting during several conversations – WE have:

Spoken with a candidate about their career to date, career desires, career timescales, work/life balance. We have posed potential outcomes to them to consider:- Are they looking for a new role out of frustration, hurt after someone being promoted over them, their firm being taken over, Didn’t get the pay rise’ they thought or…….. just generally fed up.

We will have asked them if they would stay if their employer gave them a new role that was being developed, gave them a pay rise, gave them promotion or made them feel ‘more loved’ – use counter-offer stuff!.

Discussions with the candidate about our client company cover:

The history of the firm and its key people. The vision of the Board and what they want to achieve. We talk about the culture of the firm and the attitude of who they will be working with. We talk about our reasoning for discussing the opportunity with them and in the same conversation we ask them for their initial reaction.

After this we tell them to talk with their Partner/Spouse to see how they feel and we arrange to speak again in two/three days time.

Interview Debriefing…

Interview Debriefing..

This is done ASAP to ascertain a gut reaction and again to hear considered thoughts a day or so later. This allows initial feedback to our client and to hear the desires of a person if they wish to proceed.

At this point after each meeting we ask for The Key Points of interest – the things that they would like to understand or information that would help them make a decision.

This benefits both parties tremendously. It allows a person to access more information which will allow them to withdraw if they don’t feel it is worthwhile OR to allow them to prepare properly for the next stage. It allows our client firm to save time by NOT including the wrong people in the short-list.



Accepting an offer to change employers and roles should be a huge event in someone’s life. It should be a real commitment that is bought into by the candidate, their spouse and family in the knowledge of what is happening. Therefore, the timing and length of the process is very important.


Offer too soon and it could be accepted for the wrong reason and rejected when a better one is obtained!


Too long spent waiting and someone will feel that maybe they are 2nd best – was someone else offered the role before them?

Top quartile people need to be treated professionally BUT firms need to see the professionalism in the person that they might be hiring. Our job is to make sure that happens on both sides.


We are the first to say that the above is an overview of what really happens. It is adjusted for each recruitment project, be it with the same or different client firms. It depends on the type of role, and the people involved with the recruitment, as it is tailored to each team. The geographic location can often play a part and the stage of the particular firm’s development brings different pressures. The final agreed process, is delivered with clarity in order to minimise risk of failure.


Diligence at all times.
Seeking to understand
both sides views & desires.


Clarity to both sides. Always open & honest.


Always open minded to new ideas.

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