Meeting the Boss.

(and others..)

So it’s up and running

– you are going to ‘investigate’ an opportunity. The 1st meeting is set up with the ‘Head of’ or MD of the firm that you might join. The Talent Spotter (head hunter) has described it as a non-formal ‘exploratory’ meeting – ‘A meeting of minds’.


First check your employment contract as you will be asked what your notice period is so that your new firm can plan your entrance if they decide to hire you. Be prepared!  – There is NOTHING more embarrassing than having to explain that you have six or twelve months notice rather than the three months you thought. Oh yes – and the Non-Compete clauses apply for one year with an option for two if your current employer imposes their discretion.

So how do you approach this meeting?

Should you impress the socks off them? Should you play it cool and not give anything away? Should you get what you can and then see if you like it?


Lets reverse the roles for a moment. If you were The Boss – What would you want to see?

In short

– Someone who knows what they are talking about. Someone who is confident and not arrogant. Someone who could fit into the team. Someone who they would put in front of their clients. Someone who is not a loose cannon and a danger to the creditability of the firm. Someone who asks sensible questions. Someone who has prepared for the meeting and has done some research.

NOT someone who sits down and says “So, whatya got for me”

(Yes it has happened – Candidate was shown the door within 10 minutes)

1st Meeting goes well – good common ground! The ‘Head of’ or MD gave a pretty good vision of what could happen and you feel lifted by the experience.

2nd Meeting set up with another ‘Head of’ (Compliance, Admin etc) – How do you prepare?

This is the chance to really dig deep into this firm. Target yourself to find out ‘is this really worthwhile or not?’.  How?  

Give the Talent Spotter (head hunter) a list of your ‘Key Points of Interest’ The things that matter MOST to you to be able to excel. If the firm doesn’t cover these – DO you really want to work for them?

(Note: There could be more meetings at this stage dependent on the role. Repeat the process for the 2nd Meeting and don’t forget to update the Key Points of Interest each time so that you get as much as possible from the meetings)

Final Meeting – Nitty gritty discussions. Maybe meet some of the team you will be working with. Maybe to present a business plan. If it’s the latter, a few points to consider:

  1. Make it realistic backed up by facts.
  2. Show that you have completed research.
  3. Bare in mind that there will be Q&A’s going into some detail.
  4. Have the attitude that you would have if you were presenting to a new client/business source.

OFFER – do you accept or not?

If you have got to this stage and you don’t know whether to accept – What have you missed?

You have met the key people! You have all the information that you need to understand the new role (Key Points of Interest)! You have indicated what you would require as income and the Talent Spotter (head hunter) should have negotiated this for you in principle! You have discussed with your nearest and dearest! You have assessed your current employment and even asked them a little while ago what the future holds for you!

What else could there be? Or is it just butterflies and the removal of a safety net!!! DON’T worry – if truth be known everyone suffers from this. SO if you have covered everything, if you receive in writing what you expect then Accept in writing within a day or two and CELEBRATE!!!

Oh yes, we need to do the last bit – Resignation.
Time To Have A Look At

Oh yes, we need to do the last bit – Resignation.
Time To Have A Look At

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