How NOT to do it……….


Use your resignation to sound off every pent up frustration that you have by slandering everybody in the firm – REMEMBER YOU NEED A REFERENCE!!


–A Resignation is a simple thing. It breaks the contract of Employment that you have with your current employer. It is a very important action as once in place it takes your relationship with your employer to a new place that removes your security of tenure other than stated in your contract usually under TERMS of NOTICE or suchlike.

Therefore it is the utmost importance that you READ your CURRENT Contract of Employment.  NOT the one you signed when you started but the LATEST updated version that you accepted by default when you got your last pay-rise or when the last Staff Handbook was updated.


You may find that your notice period has changed!!  You may find that your bonus may not be paid whilst serving your notice!!!  You may find that all your employer’s items associated with your employment: Phone, Car, Laptop, Gym membership, Discounted services/goods may cease or be taken away from you whilst you are in your notice period! You may find that you could be placed on Garden Leave and escorted from the premises by Security. You may find you cannot book outstanding holiday entitlement after resignation (All these things have happened to some candidates that we have worked with during the last twenty years).

So let’s plan for it.

Check List:          

  • Is your contract and/or staff handbook the latest versions
  • Notice required in weeks or calendar months?
  • Remaining Holiday entitlement – book it before resignation unless you don’t want a break before you leave!
  • Restrictive/non-complete clauses

NOTE: You also may need to think about how you obtain the updated information. Some staff handbooks are now online which of course triggers an HR alert when accessed or downloaded. Have your answers ready when your boss asks why you are looking at your contract!!!

Resignation – The Act

A simple letter or email to the nominated person in your contract (Line Manager/Director etc) completes the act. Words to the effect of ‘From the date of this letter I hereby resign my position of (Title). Under the Terms of my Employment Contract I am obliged to provide  (x weeks/months) therefore my last working day will be  (date). You may wish to add something like ‘May I wish you and the firm the very best for the future’. Yours sincerely, Kind Regards, etc etc and your signature. That’s it DONE. The clock is ticking……….

You have done your bit BUT what are they going to do?

The chances are they will not want to do anything until they have processed the information. It is very common that they will instruct you not to say anything to anybody which of course is their right as your employer. They will announce your departure in their own timescales.

The usual course is for them to assess damage limitation. QUESTIONS THAT WILL COME YOUR WAY….Where are you going? What are you going to be doing? Are you planning to take any business with you? Is there anything we can do to keep you?

If you have genuinely been looking for a move and have followed the process mentioned earlier there will be nothing that should keep you. On the other hand, if they mention something new it is your option to consider.

A piece of advice….

Counter-offer acceptance creates a new working relationship. NOT the same level of trust as before!!!!! A wariness of giving you more responsibility!!! The majority of people who accept a Counter-offer are looking again within a year.

If you accept – That’s it you have a new job!!!

NOW Lets focus on you………….A personal message from

Guy Maxwell Director

It all sounds very realistic doesn’t it. However….. each person has their own needs, own desires and own circumstances – no two people are the same and EACH case is different. In some cases there is one chance to get the right role, in the right firm, at the right time.

That reason has kept me enthralled with this work for nearly 30 years. I approach each project with the same question ‘What are you looking to do?’ Then we build that opportunity together, by finding the right role in the right firm.

If you feel this kind of focus would be suitable to you – feel free to drop me a line or give me a call. Look at my LinkedIn profile and read my recommendations.

Read ‘MAX HR Consulting – An Introduction’ on this Website. I’m the first to say I am not everything to everybody – What I won’t do is waste your time if I can’t help.

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