The Future….. and your part in it!!


If you want it to be good – Do you need a career plan………..?

FACT: On average it takes roughly eighteen months to become fully effective and fully productive when someone moves to a new role with a different firm.

MOST people have a thirty year ‘aspiring’ career path. THEREFORE – eighteen months is 5% of your effective working life.

If you really want to be top quartile in your chosen career then your 5%’s should be viewed as an investment in yourself NOT as ‘…give it a go and see what happens..’ The latter could be a loss of 5% of your working life’s time or income.

Some people might be saying 5% – oops, 10% – not again, 15% – what am I doing wrong? – The following might be worth considering…….

Let’s break this down into a simple thought process….Divide most people’s average effective working life into personal decades, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s


A lot happens here! Graduate/finish apprenticeship – find an industry, perhaps move to another – maybe find a life partner – live independently  – but hopefully find a balance by doing job that you enjoy and in which  you are starting to gain recognition, responsibility and a feeling of self-worth.


Ouch….probable house purchase, children, relationship commitment, responsibilities, earnings requirements – the need to earn more.

  • How do we plan for this?
  • How do we gain the skills?
  • How we make the next step?

Pressure…… under the spotlight. Expensive time with children, real career progression/ attainment, starting own business, divorce, bigger mortgage

  • Where can I use my skills?
  • Which firm will allow me to grow?
  • Is the opportunity open-minded?

Career plateau – reaping the rewards! University fees for children, pay-down personal debt, finding a work/life balance, aging parents, starting to think about retirement.

  • What happens if my firm is bought?
  • What is my career fallback position?

SO….On the personal side of life, the above is what could happen in each decade + more!!! HOW could we PLAN a career through all of these potential pressures.

WELL Lets Start At The End Goal.

50’s – Work goal. To be in a career that we enjoy, to have a role that we enjoy and to have a work/ life balance that we enjoy!

In truth, this applies to everyone from every walk of life. After all, we all want to be happy!!

However, the higher up the career ladder someone aspires to – the more planning/career development has to take place in the previous decades

SO…….. HOW DO WE GET THERE…………?  Roll back to the start.



 – In our early 20’s we start out. Hopefully into a career industry that we like but for some this this can necessitate a change or two. However, by the end of our 20’s we be getting rewarded for the effort that we put in via promotion, recognition and increased financial rewards.

As we get towards the end of this decade we will probably have ideas/desires for what we like to do during the next ten years. These thoughts might be installed by a mentor, someone we hold in great esteem, work colleague competition with those around us or by increased private learning. 

“By the time I’m forty I want to be doing this….” – which leads us neatly into our 30’s



– This is where we build the real foundations. It is for us to create the forward momentum. Ten points to think through and ask yourself:-

  1. “ By the time I’m forty………” What is it you want to do?
  2. What do you need to do to get there? Skills, experience, responsibilities.
  3. Can this be achieved at your present firm?
  4. If not, how far can you get towards your goal by staying at your current job?
  5. Where is your present firm positioned within its industry?
  6. Should you be keeping yourself updated with other firms – websites, blogs etc?
  7. Are you likely to get promoted or are there others ahead of you?
  8. How long would it take to find an alternative career at another firm?
  9. How far will you progress this year. If it falters  – Why? Is it you or them!
  10. Allow yourself six months to find the right role WITHIN the RIGHT firm 

Once you have thought through these points you will have a vision of where you are. You may need to do something about your career sooner than you thought. ON the other hand the best advice may well be to sit tight and maximise the opportunity in front of you – Only you will know! 

It’s NOT vital this happens in your 30’s. BUT you could be leaving it for luck to be the answer. However, you maybe perfectly happy with where you have got to – if so, well done, enjoy it!!



– This is the decade where your future is more of your responsibility!  If economic downturns, redundancies, life changes happen  – what have you done to prepare and position yourself to either take advantage of opportunity or mitigate calamities!! A few points:-

  1. DO YOU have transportable skills in your industry?
  2. Have you grown within a growing firm? Can you relate to the pressures of growth?
  3. If you want to start your own business – Do you have the skills to win new clients?
  4. If you move, how would joining/leaving a market leading brand affect you?
  5. What is the fall-back/failure plan? If it’s not working – WHAT DO YOU DO?
  6. How does your Partner/Spouse feel about your plans?

All of these points will have sub-headings so should be used as thought provoking questions to appraise where you currently are with you current career vehicle. Make a list under each one – it will allow you to appraise how you currently feel.



If the plan has worked CONGRATULATIONS to you. If it hasn’t let’s think about what options could be available.

Someone in their fifties has great life skills to bring to a firm. They should know how to interact with other people and have communication skills that imply trust and knowledge. Business owner’s/MD’s will often look for a ‘safe pair of hands’, someone they can depend on, someone who isn’t going to leave them for a few more £’s. If positioned correctly – there are great opportunities out there! The oldest person I have placed was 68!

Helpful tips :-

  1. Be realistic
  2. Accept diversity
  3. Amenable and have a can-do attitude
  4. Remember the important things in life
  5. ‘The Grey Pound’ often reacts best to people of the same
  6. Think about putting your own CV forward to ‘Heads of’ MD’s and Owners. Always follow it up with a phone call – it makes them take notice of you!



– just enjoy them……if you love to work – do it!

OK so it all sounds interesting – maybe you might want to move. How Do You Do It?

OK so it all sounds interesting – maybe you might want to move. How Do You Do It?

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