What are the options?


How could I make a move……….

Answer an advert, Send your own CV, Speak to a friend, Browse Job Boards, Careers section on competitors websites, Register with an Recruitment Agency

All the above work…..
otherwise they wouldn’t exist!!!

The key point is how much exposure do you want your CV to have? Who do you want to read your CV? Where will your CV end up? DO you actually want to send a CV or would you prefer an introduction?

A Few Plain Facts

Adverts have a time limit

– A job becomes available and needs to filled. An advert is placed, the response is vetted and a shortlist drawn up.  You fit into their process. They dictate who reads the CV – could it be read by someone who you used to work with?

Sending your own CV has the advantage as the firm doesn’t incur the cost of a Recruitment Agency. Again it’s their process that you follow and they dictate who reads the CV.

Speak to A friend

– (Likely to be an ex-colleague) A personal recommendation is a good way to get to see the boss – particularly if the ex-colleague is well thought of. This of course relies on the ex-colleague thinking well of you!  If you are not good enough or….. maybe ‘Too Good’, this might have an influence on their rate of referral…..

Browse a Job Board

– Who will be reading your CV?? Who will OWN your CV? Where do CV Database firms (the firms that sell CV’s to Recruitment Agencies) get their CV’s?

Competitors Websites

– Well, some have the personal email of Head of HR. It’s always very interesting to receive competitors CV’s – A skilled interviewer can find out what is going on and report back to the MD!!

Recruitment Agencies can be good!

– Be specific about the kind of role you want? Judge whether the Recruitment Consultant is actually interested in talking to you. Drop some industry jargon into the conversation and see how they deal with it. How quickly do they want you to attend an interview? (They might have weekly interview target to hit!!)

There are some people who do things differently…..

A few Consultancies are Talent Spotters or People Finders (old fashion term was Head hunter’s). They approach someone with a particular role – some with a broad brush approach, others with a more sophisticated process.

Some of these work in the top quartile of skill-set’s which requires discretion, having the ear of CEO’s, Heads of, MD’s, having the trusted ability to talk about someone without mentioning names – but just to ‘Sound out someone’s potential viability’. No CV therefore minimal risk.  However, this process can take time (6 – 12 months) if a role needs to be created. But for someone who is planning their career this is a very useful process to be involved with.   

How Do I Plan For Meeting A Potential Employer?

How Do I Plan For Meeting A Potential Employer?

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